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Sunday, 5 May 2013


Okay this one is quite a sensitive topic. How exactly are you supposed to deal with you ex?maybe you loved him and he meant the world to you. So now that you guys are not together what should you do? never talk to him again? be friends with him? maybe even be best friends with him? Should i even tell my new guy about him?

Many ladies find themselves having to answer such question. yes i know that if your ex did something horrible to you like cheat on you,you will probably just dump him and move on...well,at least that is exactly what you should do....but that what most women do? NO! Maybe it just the way you were created but the truth is IF the girl really loved the guy chances are that she will want to give him a second chance deep down praying and hoping that he will change. Well i have news for you ladies,when a guy is a cheater 90% of the time he won't change!!! what he will do is be more careful not to get caught the next time. And i know..
some of you will claim "my guy is different!" and maybe he is.but most of the time it turns out that he isn't.right?

Okay back to the ex issues We are going to deal with certain questions that cross your i tell my new guy about my ex? If am still friends with my ex,should i introduce him to my guy? how much about my ex am i allowed to talk about to my guy?

NARRATION-Ex's are always bad news to a relationship. that i can honestly tell you. You might be thinking that you are just being casual about it but it is bothering your guy! Like for example when you keep telling your guy about the good experiences you had with your ex,the places you may seem innocent to you but that thing is really annoying to the guy. Like are you trying to re-live the experiences with him posing as you ex,or what are you trying to say,that you miss such things?! Am not saying that don't mention your ex to you guy. That is totally okay. just don't keep blubbering about it like an excited high school girl!

COMPARISON-it's really simple. no guy wants to be compared to you ex!period.not now,not ever. so just don't do it.Am sure you also wouldn't like it if he kept comparing you to his ex girl.

FRIENDSHIP-Here i know my opinion will be highly questioned. should you remain friends with your ex?? personally i don't think it is a good idea!1st of all if you do become friends with you ex you can be sure of one thing-YOU GUYS WERE NEVER IN LOVE!! yes,if a guy really loved you he cannot stand the idea of just being friends with you. it just doesn't work that way. so the next time you friend-zone a guy and he walks away from you know that he really did love you. Anyhow back to my topic..if you are to remain friends with your ex you have to make sure there are some clear boundaries! that at no point will your guy feel as if he is less special. It's really as simple as that. BUT if you still have feelings for your ex then being friends is a prity stupid idea

hehe..okay that's it for next post will be sure.keep logged to find out.
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